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[Solved] Keyboard Shortcuts with Control key not working under Xubuntu/Xfce

Have you ever faced a situation where you are using an IDE like Eclipse that uses a lot of Control + some other key combination shortcuts to do various tasks and you are pretty much used to those shortcuts but those shortcuts do not work under Xfce? Well I like Xubuntu because of the lightweight Xfce desktop environment but being primarily a Java developer, I also use Eclipse IDE a lot and not being able to use the keyboard shortcuts that I am very much used to was a pain. Not anymore. After spending some time looking up on the internet, I found the solution. Here it goes.

Xfce reserves some key combinations for it's Global Keyboard Shortcuts which can not be overridden in any other application. These keyboard shortcuts also include the Control + Function keys that make use of all the F keys from F1 to F12 which are used for switching to different desktop workspaces.

Since I don't use a lot of workspaces on my desktop, I cleared those combinations from Global Keyboard Shortcut menus. I went to Settings > Window Manager > Keyboard tab, selected the shortcut keys one by one that I wanted to free for using in other applications and clicked on the Clear button. And that's it.

Screenshot - Friday 25 March 2016 - 10:59:02  IST

Thanks to this post from Stackoverflow.


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