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Not Switching to Kubuntu

I have been an Ubuntu user (Linux in General) for long enough time. When I was in college, I would live boot different distributions of Linux just for trying out, eager to see what new desktop effects they might have added, what the defaults applications were. But after I graduated from college and joined work, I would get little time to do all those stuffs. So I settled for just one and also I needed a stable environment. Currently I am using Ubuntu 12.04 and today after getting back from work, I felt like I got bored with Ubuntu. So I thought, what the hell, I should try out KDE and if I like then I might even replace Ubuntu. So I downloaded Kubuntu and ran it on a USB stick. I installed it in one of my spare partition also, to give it a fair chance to impress me. And it really did impress me. I liked the desktop environment, I liked the KDE default application set. They were designed very carefully. The applications launched way faster than they would in Ubuntu. But I don't know why, my eyes were still searching for the same fonts and the same look they were used to see on Ubuntu. Also I missed all those keyboard shortcuts that I enjoy using while on Ubuntu. So I rebooted back to Ubuntu. I fixed the Grub2 which was replaced by Kubuntu Grub2 with the grey screen. But I could not re-enable the auto-hiding of Grub2 while booting. I guess I will find some way to do that. But now I am feeling quite sleepy.