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[SOLVED] SVN/JavaHL version problem in Ubuntu 13.04 with Eclipse Indigo

I upgraded my Ubuntu from 12.04. Eclipse 3.7 with Subclipse 1.6 was installed in 12.04. Now after upgrading to 13.04, after I start Eclipse and synchronize my project with the repository, it throws the error message: "Incompatible JavaHL library loaded. 1.6.x or later required."

Possible reason: libsvn-java is needed to be installed in Ubuntu in order to make SVN work in Eclipse. The installed version in Ubuntu 12.04 was 1.6 as far as I remember. But after upgrading to 13.04, the libsvn-java version was also upgraded to 1.7. But the version of Subclipse that is compatible with libsvn-java 1.7 is Subclipse 1.8.

Solution: Upgrade your Subeclipse to 1.8.


Hope this helps somebody. Good Luck.

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